June 17, 2007

Random Madness - Fathers Day Edition

Jack Wilson talked about retiring in 3 or 4 years. Why wait?

I got a ticket for my dad to the June 30th Pirates game against the Nationals, me and my oldest son are taking him. No, we really do love him. Happy Fathers Day Dad, lets go see two of the worst teams in the league. At least he will have a Bob Walk Bobble head to remember the game by.

JVB pitched a good game in his return to the rotation. Too bad the two runs allowed were earned, LaRoche could not earn an error on the "throw" since he recorded an out and no one advanced. The bullpen and the bats let him down. Story of 2007 for the Pirates, every starter has had that said on his behalf at least once. Hopefully this is the start of a string of good outings from JVB.

Duke had a good outing last time. Will he be able to duplicate the performance? Optimism might creep back into my vocabulary if he has a good day.
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