June 22, 2007

Random Madness and Links

The Pirates have acquired Josh Phelps off waivers from the Yankees. Recently promoted Brad Eldred will likely be demoted when Phelps joins the team.

BTW Take:
Phelps is a DH on a National League team? He can play 1B and C, but is better known as a bat. He has mostly been used as a DH in his career, 299 games as a DH and 69 playing a position. This move is nothing more than adding a pinch hitter to the bench, undoubtedly something this team needs. Overall, I would say it is a good move for no other reason than adding power to the bench.

According to Pirates.com, Jim Colborn is a favorite of Ichiro. Apparently Ichiro hold Colborn in high regard and is in regular contact with him.

Don Kelly cleared waivers and will report to Indianapolis.

BTW Take:
Maybe the Pirates could add Ichiro in the off-season? He obviously isn't interested in money, he has turned down advertising contracts so he could focus on baseball. Maybe his closeness to Colborn could entice him to Pittsburgh, if ownership could be in the ballpark on an offer. Signing Kuwata couldn't hurt either. The more amazing thing from the story is Colborn can speak Japanese.

Think of the possibilities, Ichiro leading off with Sanchez batting second. Bay, LaRoche and Nady would almost always have someone on ahead of them. Two batting champs at the top of the order could make this offense actually start to shine, or at least resemble a MLB lineup.

Just a thought, more like a dream.
The Oakland A's are in the process of parting ways with Milton Bradley. They have 10 days to trade, waive or release the troubled Bradley. Beane acknowledged Bradley's trade value will be down due to the teams intention to cut ties with him.. According to the Beaver County Times, the Pirates and Padres are interested in Bradley. Bradley would likely replace Duffy in center if acquired.

UPDATE: Bradley was traded to KC for Leo Nunez. Remember him?
UPDATE2: Bradley deal to KC voided due to oblique strain.

BTW Take:
Bradley has a history with Tracy. Bradley has a history with Littlefield. That history with Littlefield is the clincher. DL only acquires players he has targeted in the past due to previous experience with the player. Very narrow minded, a GM with blinders on. This team doesn't need a cancer in the clubhouse, but it could really use Bradley's talents. The only way this team gets better and soon is to acquire players like Bradley.
Another troubled player who is available is Elijah Dukes. Tampa may be designating Dukes for assignment in an attempt to get rid of the troubled rookie. Today Tampa placed Dukes on the temporary inactive list.

BTW Take:
DL, there is nothing to look at here, look away. Well maybe look a little bit. Dukes is a head case with tremendous talent. If he can be corralled, he is a franchise type player.

The Cardinals acquired Mike Maroth from Detroit for the ever popular PTBNL.

BTW Take:
The Cards get Maroth, the Pirates get Phelps. Wonder why the Cardinals have winning seasons?
As of this writing, Duke has gone 5 innings on 79 pitches. He is throwing strikes! This could be a very good sign for the rotation if he is starting a trend and this isn't a fluke.

UPDATE: Final line for Duke 5.1 innings allowing 1 run, 2 walks and 9 hits on 98 pitches. In the 6th he stopped throwing strikes.
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