June 14, 2007

Out with BP, In with JVB

The initials are jumping around. JVB will be recalled to start on Saturday, no roster move will be made until then according to the Post Gazette.

Speculation on the roster move anyone?

Let's try to start some rumors...

Armas has not pitched at all this season, see 8.07 ERA. His last appearance was 6/9 vs the Yankees. Possibly demoted or cut before Saturday?

Jack Wilson has been crying to any reporter with a microphone about playing time. Apparently he doesn't understand the game has 3 aspects. Pitching, Defense and OFFENSE. Jack, plain and simple, you can't hit your way out of a paper bag. A few teams are looking for a defensive specialist. The Pirates already have two in Wilson and Duffy, that is one too many on any team. Jack gets traded before Saturday?

We would have 14 on the roster if a pitcher or 2 aren't demoted before Saturday. Sharpless and Bayliss to Indy? With Kelly optioned to make room for Kolb... That means it is time, it is time to prepare for the return of....

Jose The Kman Hernandez.
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