June 14, 2007

Let the Protests Begin!

The Pittsburgh Sports Insider has an announcement on a Pirates Fan Protest that is being organized for June 30th. With any luck, and some fortunate timing, I may be able to make the event.

As Pirates Fan living abroad, Iowa to be more specific, you know it will be difficult to make the event. Luckily I have vacation scheduled and will be near the area, 3 hours away in West Virginia. I will be at the game with my son and father celebrating Bob Walk Bobblehead Night. Hopefully I make it to the protest and will see many of you there.

The protest is taking place Saturday, June 30, 2007 prior to the 7:05 game on Federal Street. Look for a Bucs Trade Winds t-shirt in the crowd and make sure you say say hey.

If you haven't already, sign the petition BTW started. The link is to the right or click here. Pass the word to friends, family and random people you meet in the street or at the local bar. When enough signatures are gathered, I will forward this on to the Commissioners Office, the Pirates front office and any politician looking for votes.
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