June 19, 2007

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

At last, my off day look at what has happened since the last off day. Who would have thought I would struggle having only one good?

The Good:

The Pirates had a winning home stand going 4-2. Ideally they should have swept both series, but a winning record at home is better than what they had been doing. Possibly the most encouraging part of the home stand was the performance of Paul Maholm. He seems to have finally found his groove with another good outing this time against the White Sox.

The Bad:
After being hotter than a baked potato and winning player of the week honors, Jason Bay is in a horrendous slump. He has gone 5 for 46 over his last 13 games since being named player of the week.

The only thing worse than Bay's recent struggles is Ian Snell's cooking talents.

The Ugly:
Zach Duke has been bad, but not as bad as the bullpen. Duke had a 3 run lead and was cruising before giving up 5 runs in the 4th of his last outing. The bullpen can't keep a lead in any outing. Thank God for our stellar offense to bail us out.

Editors Note: I just injured my cheek typing that last line, my tongue went straight through it.
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