June 12, 2007

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good:
If anyone remembers this far back, Jason Bay won player of the week honors in the NL. He was as hot as a batter could be, at least a batter without the nick name A-Rod. Bay raised his average over .300 driving in runs at breakneck speeds. Alas that ended.

Also on the good side, LaRoche finally broke .200 and has remained above the Mendoza line for over a week.

The Bad:
Sally gets injured. Nady Gets injured. Doumit gets smacked in the head with a bat. Not a real healthy two weeks at the MLB level. Don't look down but Burnett and Bullington are both injured in Indy.

The Ugly:
Jack Wilson was horrendous on Saturday. Ronny Paulino wasn't far behind. The team is now 11 under .500. Tracy still believes he can get this team to .500 by the All-Star break.

Even uglier, the draft. More pitchers. Yeehaw! And our first round pick? A left handed reliever that Creech is claiming could become a starter. Anyone see a Dr. Andrews surgery in this kids future?
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