May 7, 2007

Random Madness

LaRoche Discovers Bat!

I did not have a chance to follow the games like I usually do over the weekend. The only thing I know is the Pirates lost 10-0, 6-3 and 6-4.

LaRoche made the proclamation he found something in his 70 minute video watching session with coaches. It looks like the ball is getting bigger to him.

I've been through droughts at the plate before where every pitch looked like a BB coming at you. I have also had hot streaks where the ball looked like a beach ball. Right about now, LaRoche is seeing a tennis ball. His average is climbing. Next will come the power. It seems as if he is getting out of his funk, finally.

Or was he ever in a funk?

From what little I heard over the weekend, mostly game recaps and a few pitches here and there, it sounded as if the Brewers were getting calls going their way. Players and Uekers were making comments like "when things are going good the calls go your way."

Bob Ueker more than once said the pitch just missed. Some of the calls, he even appeared to be puzzled on how the pitch was a ball. That really sounds odd coming from the opposing announcer.

Calls that could go either way were going against the Pirates.

This got me thinking. Is the cause of some of the players struggles caused by history? I know none of these players were on the team 14 years ago, but the umpires have been around a while and only know the Pirates as perennial losers.

Some of the called strikes LaRoche and others have seen may be caused by being Pirates. When with the Braves, LaRoche might get a few favorable calls due to his uniform. Remember, the Braves are suppose to win. Now that LaRoche is a Pirate, that ball just off the black has become a strike on the black.

Charlie from Bucco Blog suggested an Umpire calling a dirty game a few weeks back.

Maybe it wasn't a dirty game, just the Pirates getting the calls they have earned over the last 14+ seasons. Many of the teams shortcomings fall squarely on the ownership and management of the team. I think some of the struggles of the players should be pointed to the owners as well.

The current team, and all future teams, will need to overcome the stereotype ownership has laid down. The "Commitment to Excrement" could be in part causing some of the struggles of the current team.

Pittsburgh Pirates fans deserve better. The players deserve better. I guess we need a petition to have the team sold...really novel concept huh? I found three just randomly searching an online petition site. So I made one.

BTW Petition

The other two:
Oust KM -

Sell Pitt -

Two More Reasons to Hate The Cardinals.

Those dirty birds couldn't let the Pirates bask in the glow of their worst shutout loss since 2002. OH NO! The Cardinals had to go out Saturday and get smoked by the Astros 13-0.

Then they go out and announce their ace Chris Carpenter is having surgery and will be out 3 months.

Don't the Cards know this is the Pirates MO? Don't infringe on our territory!!!

If you want to make it up to us, send us a stud prospect for Tony Armas.

The Rich Get Richer.

Roger Clemens to the Yankees. Enough said.

This move will help the Yankees only marginally, their real trouble lies in the bullpen. They need a real stud like Damaso Marte to solidify their bullpen. We will gladly take Melky Cabrera for him.

Of All The PUTRID Calls I Have EVER Heard...

I could not believe how putrid the call was of Clemens being in George's owners box by Suzyn Waldman. She sounded as if Jesus was standing there announcing he was becoming a Yankee while feeding the crowd in attendance with 1 fish and 1 loaf.

Clemens signs a "one-year contract for $28,000,022 - the last two digits matching his uniform number". Even the contract is putrid.

Good for you Roger, I am glad you are getting every cent you can out of the Yankees. Nothing personal, but I hope Roger gets bit by the injury bug early on so the Yankees get stuck with the contract. Not because I dislike Roger. I am just tired of the Yankees buying their way through nearly every season.
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