May 13, 2007

Post-Game Notes

16 Down, 65 To Go

If I told you the final in the Pirates game today would be 13-2 what would you think?

Snell got bombed?

Did they almost get no-hit again?

How did Armas start back to back games?

Certainly you would not think the Slumber Company would break out the pink bats and leave welts all over the Braves behinds.

It would be impossible to fathom 13 runs on 18 hits while drawing 7 walks coming from this Pirates team.

There would be no way you would expect every inning the Pirates leadoff hitter would get on base.

Well it did happen. The Pirates win a game in unthinkable fashion against one of the premier teams in the NL.

This team is the most frustrating team I have watched in my 30+ years of following the Pirates. I have seen some great team in the 70's and early 90's. I have seen some awful teams in the 80's and the past 14 seasons. This team confuses me more than any.

Maybe it is the youth of the team?

The only Pirates not to score were Jose Bautista, who was injured trying to score, and Ryan Doumit. Every Pirate that batted, with the exception of Nate McLouth, had a hit in the game.

Freddy Sanchez may have found his stroke. Ryan Doumit is still raking, old news but good news.

Jason Bay is still smoking hot as of late, his average is now at .292. Amazing what a bat in the lineup behind you will do. Thank God we have Switchy McThump.

Ian Snell was as good as he has been all season going 7 innings allowing 2 earned on 7 hits with 7 strikeouts. Undoubtedly he is the undisputed ace of this staff.

Bleach the red shirts, this team likes pink.

Up next is a 4 game series with the fish.
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