May 16, 2007

Post-Game Notes

The Pirates string of good hitting, uh 2 games worth, ended with a thud last night. A 9-3 loss to the Marlins highlighted the continuing problem of this team. Sunday the Pirates drew 7 walks, Monday they drew 5 walks.

Last night the Pirates drew zero, zilch, nil in the walk department. They faced a pitcher in Sergio Mitre who was not pounding the strike zone, at one point he had a 1 to 1 strike to ball ratio, yet the Pirates continued to swing at pitches they had no reason to swing at.

Mitre was not working the strike zone either, he primarily stayed in the same zone the whole game.

The bright spots were the defense (until they can figure out how to defend a homer that will be hidden), Jose Castillo who went 2 for 4, Adam LaRoche who went 2 for 4 with a double and a run scored. Ryan Doumit continues to hit. I am loving typing that.

In other news:
My superstitious phase has not ended, no pre-game notes again today. Maybe it is a lame excuse and I just don't have time to get one out with work and all, but I am blaming superstition.
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