May 11, 2007

Post-Game Notes

15 Down, 66 To Go

This Post Game will cover the last two days. Dang work has once again put itself in the way of something important. I have decided to offer up the last line of every post to mention one persons name. I am looking for one billionaire to gift me a measly million dollars or so to give me a chance to focus on this blog. In return for the gift, I will post their name at the end of every post I make. E-mail me for my address if you would like to make the gift. Mark Cuban, Bill Gates, anyone will do.

Don't worry guys I won't hold my breath, I have as much of a chance of that happening as this team has of making the playoffs this season.

Wednesday night the Pirates lost 1-0 to the Cubs. Neither offense was overly impressive, if one Gorzelanny change didn't get whacked on the second pitch of the game, it might have been another 15 inning marathon. Luckily a business dinner kept me from enduring that game.

Now on to the good stuff, the Pirates won today 6-4. Paul Maholm was pitching a gem through 7 innings, unfortunately for him his stat line included a two run shot in the 8th by Michael Barrett. Maholm pitched well enough to have a better line than 7 1/3 innings 7 hits and 4 earned runs. The bottom line is he earned the win with his best performance since the complete game against Houston.

Matt Capps came in and shut the door in the 8th. Salomon Torres locked it down in the 9th earning his 11th save in 14 chances. It looks as if Sally has put that bad week well behind him now.

On the offensive side, Jason Bay was the man. He went 2 for 4 with his 5th homer and 3 RBI. His shot out of Wrigley over the left field bleachers was a good thing to see. Bay seemed to see some better pitches with Doumit covering his back in the cleanup spot.

Doumit continued his hot recall going 2 for 3 with a walk and a run scored.

I really liked today's lineup, Bay seems much more comfortable in the 3 hole. Freddy needs to bat either in the 2 hole or lead off as he did today. The Pirates best offensive lineup was on the field today, and it produced.

Defensively, Duffy is better in center than Nady without question. It is too bad Duffy is looking like he did at the beginning of last year rather than the confident player who ended the last two seasons.

Doumit has really looked smooth in right, he needs to be in the lineup daily. I am not even hinting only while he is hitting, I want to see how he handles the inevitable slump. This years Sanchez is Doumit. Now Tracy needs to figure out what Ryan's position is.

The Braves are coming to town for a three game set at PNC. This should be a good test to see where the Pirates are in their progression. Atlanta has some odd stats coming into the series. Atlanta's pitching staff has gone 24 innings without allowing a walk. On the offensive side, Atlanta has gone 67 innings without a home run.
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