May 9, 2007

Post-Game Notes

14 Down, 67 to Go

"Of all the dramatic things..." Ronnie Paulino crossing home plate with the go ahead run off of a Jack Wilson sacrifice fly in the top of the 15th to give the Pirates a 4-3 victory over the streaking Cubs to raise the Pirates record to 14 and 17.

This was an odd game to say the least.

Wilson, the hero, went 0-6 with 2 RBI.

Jason Bay and Xavier Nady went a combined 7 for 13.

Ronnie Paulino and Adam LaRoche left a combined 14 on base. Paulino had the other 2 RBI.

Ian Snell allowed 3 runs, 2 earned, on 10 hits in 7+ innings.

Damaso Marte saved the day stranding the bases loaded after inheriting runners at 1st and 2nd.

Tracy got mad and ejected.

The Cubs made some odd moves, walking Sanchez to face Bay.

Umpires called a horrid game. By my count they cost the Pirates 3 times when the game should have ended well before the 15th.

The Pirates had many chances in every extra inning but the 13th and 14th, usually stymied by the call of the umps, but they failed to get a runner across the plate. This game kinda justifies my statement Monday in Random Madness of the Pirates struggling due to umpires expectation that they suck.

Torres earned the save putting the Cubs down 1-2-3 in the bottom of the 15th for his 10th save.

Brad Eldred was the only position player not used by the Pirates. I wonder if Lett was saving him to use at first in the event LaRoche took over pitching?
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