May 26, 2007

Personnel Moves That Cause Rashes

I have tried writing this for a few days now, and it still isn't what I want to say, but I have been so focused on getting it right, I haven't posted anything else. So in an attempt to move on, I am posting what I am thinking.

I just do not understand the personnel moves the Pirates are making.

Why would you weaken a decent bullpen by pulling one of the better relievers on the team to move him to the rotation? Yes, I am talking about Chacon.

Not only do you remove a reliable pitcher from the bullpen, you move the worst starter in the Majors to the pen? How is that improving the team? Armas should have been sent down to fix things or he should have been cut.

JVB would have been a nice addition to a team carrying 12 pitchers. With a missing bat from the bench, a bench that supplies little offense, JVB could have been a decent bat added to the bench when he wasn't pitching. Remember the guy was a power hitting position player in college.

Then I look at the new lineup with Duffy batting 2nd. Why would you move one of the weaker bats on the team to 2nd in the order? If there is one player on the team that is a worse fit to bat second than Jack Wilson, it is Duffy.

Duffy doesn't make enough contact to bat second, he can't protect the plate and the runner. The one thing he can do is bunt, which can cause a big inning with an error from a sacrifice bunt.

If Duffy can't lead off, which he doesn't get on base enough to do, then he needs to be moved to the bottom of the order. He hits far too many line drives to be affective in the 2 hole. He will line into countless double plays if Tracy keeps him batting 2nd.

If anything, Duffy should bat 8th with Wilson in the 7th spot. Sanchez has the best bat control on the team, let him bat 2nd.
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