May 2, 2007

Mid-Game Notes

Wet balls hurt the Pirates in their game suspended in the 7th after the Cubs took a 6-5 lead. Cliff Floyds two hopper into the Allegheny to top off the Cubs 4-run 7th put an even bigger damper on the evening.

Prior to the 7th, the Pirates were having an excellent game. Tony Armas went 6 strong allowing 2 runs on 6 hits, by far his best performance of the season.

Ronny Paulino continues to awaken from an early season sleep by going 2 for three with his second home run in as many games. He scored two runs and drove in one raising his average to .234.

Other contributors included Ryan Doumit going 1 for 2 with and RBI, Chris Duffy going 1 for 2 , Jack Wilson's 2 for 2, Freddy Sanchez going 2 for 3 and Adam LaRoche going 1 for 3 to bump his average to .140.

Both John Grabow and Jonah Bayliss were less than spectacular allowing 2 runs each in the Cubs part of the 7th. I heard Cliff Floyd sent Jonah a bottle of red wine because it would go so well with the meatball he tossed him that ended up in the Allegheny.

The game will be continued today prior to the regularly scheduled game. If you had tickets to last night game you can attend today, or any home game the rest of the season except Aug. 16-18. Why not August 16-18th? No clue. Can someone share this info?
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