May 23, 2007


Pitchers dominate tonights links. First stop a former Pirates starter Kip Wells gets his best press in Pittsburgh in 4 years.

BTW Take:
He is 1-8 but still gets more of a story than JVB and Bullington together. Congrats on the new baby Kip.

Speaking of JVB and Bullington (segue alert), the chronicles of their injured past is brought up again.

BTW Take:
Upton may be hitting better than any Pirate, but Cota could play a better 2B.

Pirates notebook covers Chacon, Armas, Duffy, Bautista, Wilson and a lot more.

BTW Take:
Why Chacon over a call up?

"Having a veteran stabilize the consistency of the rotation."

Wasn't that what Armas did? That worked well. Wouldn't experience serve the team better in the long run? Chacon ain't a Kenny Rogers and the Pirates aren't going to be in a chase, let the prospects (loosely used term) get some innings.

Clarification on yesterdays links:
I know the baseball hall of fame is in Cooperstown. It was a joke, playing off the contact buzz (second hand smoke) comment. Tracy won't get in to any hall of fame without a ticket.
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