May 22, 2007


A New Promotion?
The Pirates believe the division is theirs for the taking.

BTW Take:
Random drug tests may get the entire team suspended.

Why Marty, Why?
Stat Geek blasts Tracy for his call of McLeary against Clark.

BTW Take:
If Tracy used Torres like Tekulve was used, he would be called a genius and a spot would immediately be cleared for his likeness in Canton. He would be the new LaRusa. Well maybe that is a stretch. He would at least be considered a free thinker an a visionary, possibly changing the way other teams manage the closer roles. Bring back the Firemen!!!!

Mr Rogers Neighborhood?
The Pirates recalled Brian Rogers from AAA Indy.

BTW Take:
This is a temporary move, I still look for JVB to be called up after his start for Indy. Bayliss may be the one to be sent down or an actual major league move could be made by cutting Armas. Armas has no value in the bullpen, he can't go more than 3 innings, not exactly long reliever material.

Three Amigos?
The Trib takes a look at the Van Benschoten, Bryan Bullington and Sean Burnett.

BTW Take:
With Maholm's struggles...

He Has to Stay...
Tracy says Maholm has to stay in the rotation.

BTW Take:
I hope Tracy is thinking Maholm doesn't have anything left to prove in AAA and needs to figure out how to be a MLB pitcher before the Pirates 2008 run at the series. Woah! I think I got some second hand smoke from that first article.
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