May 20, 2007

Links - Return of Cota

Country Goes to Indy.
The PG is reporting Brad Eldred was sent to Indy to open a bench spot for Cota as he completed his 11 game rehab stint.

BTW Take:
This move actually makes sense. Doumit, when not playing, is the best bat on the bench. To waste his bat in case Paulino needs pulled is plain crazy. With Cota back in Pittsburgh, hopefully we don't have to endure Kelly or Cota pinch hitting in key situations.

This will also get Eldred some more at bats. He was wasting away to little country on the bench.

Leadoff Failure?
The Trib rips into Duffy.

BTW Take:
Duffy either needs to bat 8th or not at all. Every thing in this offense is based on him getting on base. He doesn't. Maybe he can learn some patience in the 8 hole while still delivering the D he is most valuable for.

Who Is Number 5?
The Trib also talks with two of the options for the vacated number 5 spot.

BTW Take:
Chacon is too valuable in the pen. McLeary should be sent down. One of the minor league starters should get the call up. My pick right now is JVB.
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