May 21, 2007

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

My off day look at the good, the bad and the ugly since the last off day.

Just to give you an idea:

I take a sharp stick and jab at anything that might cause pain with the ugly.

A blunt stick to prod the bad.

Oh, the good...well I try to be optimistic in that portion. It is hard to do as a Pirate fan.

The Good:
The bats are coming alive. The Pirates scored 41 runs in their last 7 games, nearly 6 runs per game, netting the team a 3-4 record. They have scored 54 in their last 8 games going 4-4, nearly 7 runs per game.

Freddy Sanchez is batting .276. He is starting to look like the Freddy of 2006 who won the batting title.

Adam LaRoche is batting .199, he was over the Mendoza line until Sunday. He hit his first homer as a Pirate at PNC on 5/16 against the Fish.

Nady is now batting .274. He continues to be the unsung hero on this team.

Castillo has raised his average to .259 after a brutal start to the season.

Ryan Doumit came off the bench and hit a 3 run homer Friday night to ice a game the Snakes were slithering back into. He is now batting .368.

The best good to come since the last off day...Tony Armas has been sent to the pen. Who is the 5th starter is still a mystery.

The Bad:
A home stand, that I believed would give us a good idea of how good this team actually is, ended in a 4-6 record. The bullpen blew two games that would have made a bad home stand into a good 6-4 record. The Pirates are 19-24 after the home stand. They could have been 21-22...

Matt Capps had a rough home stand suffering 2 losses after having a streak of 10 consecutive wins without a loss.

The Ugly:
Jim Tracy bringing Marty McLeary in to face Tony Clark with the bases loaded and a 4 run lead. McLeary takes Clark to a full count then grooves a fastball that landed somewhere near the Baltimore. The Pirates went on to lose 9-8.
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