May 3, 2007

Buh-Bye "White Flag" and Other Links

Apparently Tracy is no longer of French descent, he has given up his white flag. The Post-Gazette is reporting Marty McLeary has been called up to replace "White Flag" Wasdin.

BTW Take:
What took so long for this to happen. Wasdin has been outclassed since he first toed the rubber for the Pirates. There have been few, if any, games he has appeared in where he did not allow runs. Tracy continued to trot him out in close games because,"If you start using your back-end bullpen guys when you're trailing, you're going to get yourself in trouble down the road." God forbid you try an win the games you have a chance in.

The Post Gazette also has taken a stab at my poll on LaRoche as well as running an article on his struggles. It is good to know he understands he is sucking. Tracy actually acknowledged the possibility of benching him for a few games.

BTW Take:
Captain K-Man needs a break. Playing daily, only missing one start due to a stiff back, when you are struggling makes the struggles 10 times worse. Getting your head away from the game, no pregame rituals, no batting practice, no fielding practice, just showing up for the start of the game could go further than whaling away at nothingness four times a game.

NADY IS BAAACK! At the bottom of the "White Flag" article, Nady announces his return to the lineup tonight in Milwaukee. The question that arises, what about Doumit?

BTW Take:
LaRoche, a.k.a. Captain K-Man, needs a break as previously stated. Doumit hasn't played 1B since last season, but Nady is coming of a muscle strain. A couple games at first could do him good. Paulino is starting to warm up, I am not sure you want to sit him now.
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