April 23, 2007

You Must Be This Tall

Was the recently finished 7 game road trip as bad as it seemed? No, not really. Could it have been better? Most definitely.

The roller coaster ride is definitely going at full speed.

Would you have accepted it if someone promised a 3-4 record prior to a road trip that included visits to the Cardinal, Brewers and Dodgers? Most certainly I would.

The first big hill, and knee buckling climb happened in St.Louis. A two game sweep had even the biggest doubters looking to see where the top of the hill was.


Didn't see that hidden drop off in Milwaukee. A two game sweep that included a real dud of a game by Zack Duke.


Oh the pain of the decent as the train came to Los Angeles for the super dud by Armas.

Suddenly we reached the bottom when Ian Snell took the mound. Oh the climb was sure to start again. For most of the game, the climb was brief before the drop snuck up again with a game ending Grand Slam.

The climb has started again following a gem by Gorzelanny. Every fan feared a hidden drop throughout the game. Surely a sign of a great coaster is keeping the ride unexpected.

The only thing that kept the Pirates from having a winning road trip was a last inning Grand Slam.

Right now the Pirates sit at 7-6 on the road. That is a good mark regardless of what team you are talking about. They have played 13 of 17 games on the road, not an easy task with any team or any payroll.

Yes there has been some bad baseball played, but the Pirates are not the only impersonators of The Bad News Bears. Los Angeles made as many mistakes as the Pirates did, they just capitalized on them more often. The Pirates need to learn that trick.

Many of we fans have been frustrated by the games that should have been won. This is a drastic departure from years past where even the fans expected to lose. We, even the most negative fan, are now expecting wins. Maybe the mindsets of the team and the fans are changing. Maybe Tracy is changing the mindset after all.

Hopefully this upcoming home stand will result in a few more wins than losses. The MO of this team is similar to the ride you would expect from a roller coaster. Plenty of ups, followed by plenty of downs. Hopefully the train doesn't jump the track in the process.
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