April 22, 2007

Post-Game Notes

It was an ugly game with base on balls, wild pitches (5 between the two teams), passed balls, errors on catchers throwing to second. It happened to both teams to add emphasis to the ugly statement.

Top that with a Walk-off Grand Slam in the 10th, and you have the definition of a classic Pirates loss in the last 14 years.

A 7-3 final is not what was deserved by the performance of Snell tonight. Bayliss took the loss after Marte added fuel to the fire prior to the game ending grand slam.

Oh, who gave up the Grand Slam? BP Chacon of course. Tracy must drink heavily in the dugout.

Snell was being Ian. He kept runners from scoring and went seven strong allowing 2 runs on 5 hits. Snell walked 3 and struck out 4.

Scully had a classic line on Snell. He said Snell, formally Oquendo, took his wifes name. He is the classic player to be named later.

Wilson went 3 for 5 while Bautista posted a 2 for 4.

Another blown save by Torres, but it should fall on Paulino after a bad throw and a passed ball in the 9th.

Nady tweaked his hammy, there goes the offense.

The LA radio guys made a very astute observation about the Pirates:
"They don't run. They only have 3 stolen bases... They don't sacrifice. They don't hit and run. They are waiting for home runs, and they don't have many of those either."

Not exactly small ball is it?

The LA radio guys were wondering if LaRoche was miscast as a key element in the lineup when he was a complimentary player in Atlanta.

This game was very telling, not just for the Pirates but also to the rest of the league about the Pirates. When the broadcasters are seeing the major flaws in the team, what do you think the scouts are doing?

Radio Edit:
LA may have the best most knowledgeable announcers in the game. Vin Scully can talk a game like no one else and knows every little detail on every player on either team. Charlie Steiner just knows the game. All in all, I am loving XM Radio. I get to hear the best and worst (St. Louis, Yankees) announcers in the game.
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