April 19, 2007

Post-Game Notes


The key number in the Pirates 7-3 loss to the Brewers is 14. Striking out 14 times and leaving 14 runners on base is an embarrassment. Add in 3 Brewers errors and you have an atrocity.

The Pirates continue to strike out in key situations when putting the ball in play can score a run. this seems to be an alarming trend in the 2007 season. A lack of fundamentals would be a poor choice of describing the issue. Trying to be too fundamental may be the cause.

What? Too fundamental? The 2007 Pirates?

Rather than focusing on making contact, the Pirates seemed to constantly try to hit the ball behind runners, trying to put balls to the right side when they were handcuffed. Maybe I just imagined this, but that was my take on many of the foul balls that led to two strike counts.

It seemed no one on the team could handle a breaking pitch either.

Add Wasdin to the mix and a close game that could still be won becomes a four run deficit.

It still may be April, but games like this are the ones that cost a team late in the season.

Maholm couldn't keep the Pirates in the game after closing the gap to 3-2.

One of the few bright spots was Jason Bay, who was the entire Pirates offense it seemed. He went 3 for 3 hitting his 100th career home run. By hitting his 100th, he became only the 6th Canadian born player to accomplish the feet.

Chris Duffy was the only other Pirate to contribute with a 2 for 4 day scoring a run and driving in another.

For the Brewers, Bill Hall is going to be an excellent center fielder when he fully adjusts to the position. Hall definitely can cover some ground in center with his speed.

Radio Edit:
Bob Ueker is just an awesome character. I really enjoyed listening to him on XM. The guy has some of the best stories in the league.

I can't count how many time he said of Jason Bay, "This kid can hit". He also proclaimed Jack Wilson as one of the best short stops in the league, that comment made me think of the "Just a bit outside" comment from Major League.

He absolutely believes the Pirates got the better end of the LaRoche-Gonalez trade saying he would take a slick fielding power hitting lefty over a reliever any day, no matter how much he likes Gonzo. He praised LaRoche for his back handed grab in the first.

I wish this was a three game series so I could listen to Bob some more.

Unfortunately for Bob, the urban dictionary defines a Bob Ueker as when someone takes a dump on top of the toilet tank.
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