April 14, 2007

Post-Game Notes




No I am not talking about the uniforms.

Three words pretty well sums up tonights 8-5 loss to San Francisco. The game was not as close as the score.

Russ Ortiz looked like he did 7 years ago when he was a dominant pitcher. He had not won a game since 2005, a string of 12 consecutive losses.

Ortiz was Cy Young against this offense. Don't be fooled by the 5 runs allowed, Boche left him in to try to get the complete game in the 9th, when Duffy went deep to make the score respectable.

The Pirates didn't have a hit from the 4th inning until the 9th when they scored the 3 runs from the Duffy homer.

The Pirates are still waiting for Zach Duke to arrive at the game. He gave up 7 runs on 7 hits and 2 walks in 2 innings worked.

Lefty McThump has turned into Captain K-man. Adam LaRoche now has 15 strikeouts in 34 at bats. Combine that with his awesome 3 hits on the season and you have a .088 strikeout machine.

Wasn't Eldred literally relegated to the minors due to propensity for the strikeout? The only difference LaRoche is showing compared to what is perceived of Eldred is being left handed. In time I am sure he will hit his stride, but right now he is a K factory.

It may be time for a benching. My great fear is LaRoche being sent to the minors to get his swing back and that demotion further ruining his confidence. The only good thing about that is Littlefield will be toast. He would have to be, wound't he?

More poor fundamental baseball paid off in the first as Jack Wilson did his best to make outs after his first inning double. Fortunately San Francisco showed even poorer fundamentals in the field. When the throw to second trickled away to Ortiz, Jack decided to take third and was dead to rights if Feliz knew how to work a glove. Ortiz made a nice fundamental play in back handing the ball to Feliz. Feliz showed hands of lead in handling the toss as Wilson was still approaching the sliding pit.

That wasn't it for Jack and being a bonehead in the first. No, he tags on a short fly to right. The throw arrived so far ahead of Wilson the catcher must have had a beer while waiting and forget about the ball. Wilson was easily 10 steps away when Molina had the ball hit his mitt.

Those plays likely will be written off as hustle and forcing errors rather than the bone head moves they actually were.

The bright spot on the night was the bullpen who allowed 1 run over 7 innings, that one run was Bonds 2nd home run of the game. Perez showed a huge lack of control in walking 4 over 1 inning of work but allowed no runs.

Paulino may be getting his stroke back going 2 for for. McLouth went 2 for 2 after replacing Nady in RF during a double switch.

Overall a bad, bad, bad night. Maybe it was the Red Shirts?
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