April 11, 2007

Post-Game Notes

A tough 3-2 loss to the Cardinals in 12 innings drops the Pirates to a three way tie for first in the NL Central. Even though the loss was painful, it still sounds good saying first place and Pirates in the same sentence.

Salomon Torres gave up two earned runs in the 9th for his first blown save. He did not earn the blown save for himself as much as the defense earned it for him. On a fly out to left, the throw was to the lead runner rather than second to hold the tying run at first.

For a team that has supposedly worked on the fundamentals, this was a fundamental error. The runner going to third meant nothing.

The ensuing single to right tied the game.

But the fundamental errors were just beginning.

In the 10th and 11th inning the Pirates had runners in scoring position and could not get them home. In the first, the bases were loaded, no runs. This game should never have gone to the 12th inning, if any fundamentals were observed.

On the bright side, Gorzelanny had an excellent outing go 7 innings allowing no runs on 4 hits while recording 5 strikeouts and walking none.

Jose Bautista went yard, his first of the season, to start the scoring.

Freddy was 3 for 5.

Capps had a solid 8th inning thanks to a nifty double play by LaRoche on a smoked liner off the bat of Jim Edmonds.

Chacon had another solid outing.

LaRoche is starting to make hard outs and is reaching base regularly. As the temps rise, he will be getting hot too. He seems to be getting his swing down and making good solid contact, now some balls need to find turf rather than mitt.
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