April 7, 2007

Post-Game Notes

You can't blame todays 7-5 loss to the Reds on Armas, even though many will try. Nady playing volleyball in right field giving the Reds 2 gift runs or Bay failing to call a ball in short left that Wilson could not get to. Fundamental mistakes caused this loss.

The Reds radio announcers proclaimed Armas didn't look like he had it in warm ups. He may not have had his best stuff but he battled until his defense let him down. Barring the defensive lapses, he pitched well enough to have a "Quality Start".

I still wonder how the ball bouncing off Nady in fair territory, a ball that if it stayed in the park would be called an error, can be called a home run?

This game was the definition of giving away a game.

The bright spot, LaRoche finally showed the power he was brought in for with a double and his first home run as a Pirate. He drove in and scored two.
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