April 25, 2007

Poll Results

I have closed two polls.

The first one closed was "Who will be the 2007 Pirates MVP?" The answer coming from 82 votes is Jason Bay. Bay received 44% of the votes followed by Adam LaRoche at 26%

Not a big surprise with Bay winning the fan vote.

I am intrigued by the votes for other. I'd like to know who the voters were thinking of.

Was it Snell?

Are some expecting big things from Bautista?


Leave some comments, I am dying to know.

The second poll closed was more of a surprise to me. The topic was "How would you handle the early season struggles of Adam LaRoche?"

Surprisingly 76% of the fans are willing to wait for him to come around. Only 28% of the total votes would give him only another 10 days. A whopping 48% are willing to suck it up.

This coming Sunday I will rerun the poll to see how many fans are getting more impatient with LaRoche's struggles. I noticed a nice chorus of boos during one of Adams two strikeouts of the first game of this current home stand.

I fully expect the boo birds flock to increase as his struggles continue. He has now struck out in 24 of his 61 plate appearances. On the bright side 2/3 of his hits are for extra bases and 1/2 of his hits have been home runs. Unfortunately he only has 6 hits.

A sign of improvement is LaRoche has only struck out 9 times in his last 10 games. He is at least making contact now. Hopefully for Adams sake, some balls start finding some holes soon or he will be rode harder than Mondesi and Burnitz combined.
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