April 8, 2007

Interesting Article

This article has zero to do with the Pirates, unless they draft the guy.

The New York Times is running an article on Creighton University’s Pat Venditte who is a switch pitcher. Yes a switch pitcher. He is a truly ambidextrous pitcher I heard about from a Northern Iowa game recently.

The Creighton Junior is getting some attention from MLB scouts as he switches hads with his specially made glove depending on the batter he is facing.

A good point brought up is what happens when a switch hitter steps in?

Should the Pirates consider drafting this kid? He could be the teams 4 and 5 starter in the future. They would only need 11 pitchers heading north. I know, he is a reliever but 4 and 5 starter was funnier than lefty and righty setup man.

The link to the New York times was found via Deadspin Baseball thanks to a Google search.
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