April 12, 2007

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Every off day throughout the year I will attempt to do a recap of the previous week in the oh so original format of Good, Bad and Ugly.

The Good
By far the brightest spot of the early season has been the Pitching, not just the starters, but the pen also. This staff has pitched well enough for this team to have 7 or more wins.

The Young staff is living up to the hype so far.

The bullpen, despite a couple games that have been given away late, has been more than solid. Matt Capps has been outstanding. Chacon is looking like this is one of his customary good odd year seasons.

The Bad
The offense in general. The 3-4-5 batters have been horrid. The inability to move runners over or drive in runners in scoring position is just brutal.

LaRoche, a.k.a. Lefty McThump, may be renamed may be renamed Lefty MKthump at the rate he is striking out.

So many big innings have been lost by fundamental foul ups. Tracy seems more content to bunt a runner over than take a chance at a bigger inning or winning the game.

A perfect example was Wilson bunting against the Cards with Eldred at second and Duffy at first. The Cards have the defense rotating and the corners charging freeing up the entire middle of the infield. A swinging bunt brings home the winning run. Jack bunts Eldred into a force at third.

The Ugly
The way this team has lost with a lack of fundamentals. The mental errors are killing this team only 9 games into the season. It can't be from fatigue.

Poor throws, throws to the wrong base, not calling off infielders on short fly balls, catchers making a play on pop-ups when the third baseman should call him off, catchers failing to handle the throw when the runner is dead to rights. We can't forget playing volleyball in right either.

This team has shown it is much improved over previous seasons, but their heads are still not in the game. Until management and players alike focus on the fundamentals, this will continue to be an up and down season.

The Worst
Mediacom in general. Going weeks, more accurately months, with intermittent networking issues and poor cable and HD signal is frustrating for any consumer. Especially one that relies on the internet for connection to his real world job and dabbles in the blogosphere. Personal gripe that I will likely continue to complain about until I finally switch providers.
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