March 4, 2007

Yankee Broadcast, Game Recap

I had the sheer pleasure of listening to the Yankee's broadcasters on XM Radio for the game Saturday where the Yankees won 4-3.

Some key notes I gained from their obviously deep insight.

Did you know...

Jack Wilson is a good hitter and a good fielder?

The Pirates "don't pitch and don't hit" and "that is not a good combination."

The difference between Yankee camp and Pirate camp? Everyone in Pirate camp is fighting for a position.

The Yankees have a deep farm system.

Rajai Davis, JVB and Yurdell DeCaster are now Yankee tongue twisters.

JVB has been a nice pitcher the last couple years for the Pirates.

To explain why the Pirates were winning early on...
The games don't mean much, you mostly see unknown minor leaguers in the games. You know, names like: Cabrerra, Jeter, Rodriguez, Posada, Matsui

Those are just the ones I remember.

Game Recap
  • Van Benschoten had a rough outing.
  • Youman went two scoreless allowing 2 hits.
  • Outside of Posada's home run, McLeary had a good outing.
  • Wasdin had one scoreless.
  • Big Country went Big Fly again.
  • Castillo was injured, if it is still bothering him Sunday, an X-ray will be taken
Slide Notes
  • Nady is back at camp and working out, he seems to have resumed a normal schedule. Hopefully he gets some game time soon.
  • No results from colonoscopy yet.
  • Kuwata is scheduled to pitch against the Reds today. Kuwatamania will run WILD!!! WHAT YA GONNA DO?
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