March 20, 2007

Rumor Mill

A couple rumors from

The first is from March 18th, claiming the Pirates would be a logical destination for Mark Sweeney.

BTW Take:
Is it April 1st? Maybe Sweeney is looking for a place to live after he retires? Maybe the writer is still hung over from St Patty's Day?

The second is from March 20th, by the same inebriated writer. This time he is reporting twice on the Pirates. The first rumor is an interest in Armando Benitez followed up with Kevin Mench to the Pirates or Dodgers for prospects.

BTW Take:
This guy must have the journalistic integrity of David Spade. Either of these trades, for Mench or Sweeney, would be a Littlefield move in previous seasons. The team has already acquired LaRoche, making these moves make no sense. Sweeney or Mench would fill what hole? Doumit and Eldred are better options than these two. That is unless Mench buys a pair of larger shoes again.
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