March 13, 2007

Random Madness

Occasionally I step outside the baseball world to make some off the wall comments. With the off day for the Pirates, it is time to take another walk on the Random Side.


Finally a stadium deal has been struck between the Pens and so many politician it seemed like election time. I have avoided commenting on this, for fear of jinxing the situation, like it needed help. Bottom line, Pittsburgh will have hockey for the next 30 years.


In case you have missed the post or link, I have a March Madness Bracket going with the winner receiving a new Pirates hat. Check out the post for information on registering for the contest and to see the choice of hats.


Speaking of the NCAA Tournaments, congratulations to the Pitt Women on their selection to the Womans Tourney. Also congratulations to the Robert Morris Women on their selection. Should the college be called Roberta Morris for the duration of the tournament?

Is it just me, or does it look like another Sweet 16 exit for the Panthers?

Too bad WVU didn't get selected, I thought they were more deserving than Syracuse. Oops, Syracuse didn't make it either.


Am I the only one with these observations:
  • The people performing this spring are all minor leaguers.
  • Most of the regulars are struggling.
  • Duffy looks as bad as he did the beginning of last season, just fewer K's.
  • Gorzelanny and/or Maholm are pitching their way to AAA.
  • Armas looks to be the good signing I was predicting.
  • Chacon may find a way into the rotation.
  • Youman and McLeary may both make the roster.
  • Kelly may keep Kernandez off the roster.
  • Doumit may be relegated to backup backstop the way Eldred has played.
  • McCutchen, Walker and Bixler could already be ready, more seasoning will only help.
Joey Porter a Dolphin...That is just plain wrong.


I have a few new affiliates in the mall. Check it out if you are looking for any deals. I am trying to cover everything from Bar Tending Supplies to Yo-Yo's. I am still coming up short on A and Z though. I also have many links to sports equipment, clothing and gear. As I get the coupon or deal, I post them.
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