March 5, 2007

New Round Table, Deals and Notes

Cory has Roundtable 20 up at Pittsburgh Lumber Co.

Here are the questions:

Question #1:
Does Jim Tracy’s managerial style mesh well with the Pirates’ personnel?

Question #2:
Does the move to 104.7 (from KDKA) on the radio dial have a significant effect on the Pirates’ audience?


I won't do this often, unless it is a very nice deal, but you can make $10 off of this deal and get a free mouse at The Mall at BTW.


I will be heading out of town for a few days on business. I will either have so much time to post I will bore you with thread count on baseballs and earn a Pulitzer for my expose on bench materials or I will be so busy and up so long I will make even less sense than usual and be posting on auto pilot if I stay awake that long.
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