March 1, 2007

Morning Links and New Round Table

Cory at Pittsburgh Lumber Co. is running a live blogcast (?) of todays game. He refers to it as live blogging, would blogcast be a more accurate term? At any rate, it can be read here the game starts at 1:05.

Pittsburgh Pirates Round Table 19 is available at Pittsburgh Lumber Co. This editions questions are:

Question #1:
Before the games get going, what is the ideal makeup of the Pirates’ bullpen in your eyes?

Question #2:
What should the Pirates’ bench look like?

The Tribune-Review is running an article on McCutchen. NEWS FLASH: This just in, Andrew is good.

Possibly the more disturbing piece is the notes article titled Bucs Nady undergoes colonoscopy. A very poor headline for the article, it spends one paragraph on Nady. Mentioned in the article is Manny Sanguillen reporting to camp! This blurb confused me though:
He took over the only unoccupied locker in the clubhouse, as pitcher Serguey Linares' unused gear was put into storage.
I'd like to know more on Linares' situation, rather than hiding it in a comment on Sanguillen arriving.
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