March 3, 2007

Looking into Eldred's Future

Looking for a 5 burning question list? Five prospects to watch? Look no further, the Tribune-Review hears your need and responds with Pirates five burning questions.

Eldred is listed in the five prospects.

Pat recalls how much fun it was to watch him in 2005.

Eldred hit his second homer of the spring today versus the Yankees.

All the above got me thinking. Exactly how much of a long shot is it for Eldred to ever play first for the Pirates? Remember the Pirates are owned by skinflints. What is stopping ownership from forcing Littlefield to make a deal at the trade deadline that sends LaRoche to a contender to save a few dollars? After all Eldred would be a controlled salary at league minimum for three years while Laroche is already one year into his arbitration years.

WOAH! This is something no one has broached, at least that I have seen. It sounds like a classic "Pirate Organizational Move" with "Flexibility" in mind. One difference in this circumstance, the player they trade is a valuable commodity.

Wait! They had a valuable commodity once before that they traded at the deadline. A young stud of a 3B by the name of Ramirez. What did they get for him again? Oh, yeah, a Hill of beans and Captain K-man.

Until this team proves otherwise, I can't get too giddy with one good deal. I fear what follow up deals might come with the history of this management group.

I pray they are close enough to be considered in the wild card race at the All-Star break. If not, that bad deal sending LaRoche to (insert contending team here) for a group of low A middle relievers is sure to come.
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