March 2, 2007


My internet connection was down this morning.  Many apologies, so a late link list is my offering of redemption.

From the Pirates Notebook the following quote stood out to me:
Freel was caught stealing after that walk, largely because of a terrific tag by second baseman Freddy Sanchez, taking Ronny Paulino's one-bounce throw to the shortstop side of the bag, then whacking Freel's shin. "Tremendous," Tracy called it. Tracy said of Sanchez playing second: "That's where he's going to be for a while."
This is good news in one aspects, the infield is already more settled than it was a couple weeks ago.

The article starts by praising the 5-tool minor leaguer we all have been dreaming about.  Yes, the article is mostly about Luis Matos and his power display in the game against Cincinnati.  Dejan hits on Torres struggles and key game notes.

It the Buried Treasure section:
  • No news on Nady
  • Snell starts vs Smoltz today...err right now
  • Kuwata will pitch Sunday
  • LaRoche plays today
  • The game is on ESPN
  • Seven players were signed to league minimum salaries
  • Tim Schuldt resigned...see We Will Resign from yesterday.
Gonzo is stoked to be on a playoff contender.

From the Trib we have a new beat writer with a blog that has a familiar name to it.

Clem Labine passed away at the age of 80, he was a pitcher on the '60 World Championship Pirates squad.

Eldred is unlikely to be in the Pirates future according to the AP. 

BTW Take:
Eldred still has a spot on this team, if management would allow his spot to be available.  The Pirates will head north with 12 Pitchers and 3 catchers.  Eldred may never be more than a bench player who backs up at first base for the Pirates, but his power is too valuable not to have on this team that is so desperate for power off the bench.  He is valuable insurance in case anything happens to LaRoche and allow LaRoche to have some offdays.  If either 2 catchers or 11 pitchers would suffice, Eldred would still have a spot.

NEWS FLASH:  Castillo says mind was elsewhere.
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