March 19, 2007

Links and Bracket Standings

From The BTW Bracket Buster Contest, Doug a.k.a. Chi-Town Bucco leads the way into the Sweet 16. I am hanging out in the 4 slot to win a hat from myself?

In the Sportsocracy Pool I am sticking to the perfect plan. I am ranked 16 going into the Sweet 16. By plan I should be 8 entering the Elite 8, 4th for the Final 4, 2nd for the Finals. Okay, it is official, I know about as much about basketball as Dave Littlefield knows about being a general manager.

I have a post up at CGBB previewing the upcoming season for the Pirates, you may have already read it here. Chad has asked bloggers to preview their teams going into the season, some interesting thoughts from around the league. There are some really good articles on the site, not sure how I fit in there. Check it out.
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