March 18, 2007

Just a Rant

The Yankee broadcast team has annoyed me yet again.

No I am not complaining about all things Jeter being great.

I am talking about their utter lack of respect for the Yankees opponents. I understand it is spring training and doing a great deal of homework on the AA groundskeepers kid is a waste of time. All i am asking is at least be familiar with the other teams top prospects.

In one of the outstanding moments in todays 9-1 loss to the Yankees, the Yankees female announcer referred to Bixler as the "Number 1 top of the list A prospects for the Pirates." I know the farm is barren, but at least know who the top 5 prospects are.

I swear we bloggers put far more time and effort into research than these blow hards do. So to repay their fine work, I won't even waste my time to look up their names.

You may wonder why I would listen to the Yankees broadcast? For those of you who don't know me or haven't read my bio I have yet to write, I am a transplanted Pittsburgher living in Iowa. Shame on you for not reading my nonexistent bio!

I purchased an XM Radio subscription just to listen to the Pirates wherever I may be. So far I have really enjoyed listening to other broadcast teams view of the Buccos, fresh insight is always good. At least most of the other broadcast teams I have enjoyed. You know, the ones who take the time to do some homework even if it is spring.

How hard is it to find a top 5 prospect list? I thing 15 top 5 lists have been posted since I began writing this rant.

I could almost write this off as Yankee arrogance. The belief that Jeter is a god and the opponent should be in awe of the Mystique. All should bow down to the all powerful evil empire. The World Series Trophy should be renamed after whoever owns the Yankees that season. You know the arrogance I am speaking of.

Then it happened. They interviewed former Mayor of America Rudy Giuliani. They invited him to spread his campaign over their broadcast by inviting him to follow the team to visit all his campaign spots. It is obvious that everyone listens to the Yankee Broadcast over their home teams broadcast.

What better way to wax political than to speak to America over the Yankee Network?

Yup, it is Yankee arrogance rearing its ugly head again. Is it any wonder why so many people hate the Yankees?

For all the Yankee fans out there who embrace the arrogance, I have two word for ya! Bill Mazeroski!

For those down to earth true baseball fans who love the Yankees but understand them for what they are. I apologize for the previous statement.

There were many more comments that put additional burs in my drawers that I have forgotten, since it has been 7 hours since the game ended and I have simmered down a bit.

I just have one last example of arrogance. In a stretch of stretches, they actually tied Pirates utility man Yurendell DeCaster wearing number 5 immediately to Joe Dimaggio, knowing his history with the Pirates.

One would think a team like the Yankee would have a better broadcast team than this.
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