March 26, 2007

I'm Baaack, kinda...And a Round Table!

I am internet capable again! Unfortunately the Pirates PR department hasn't released game notes yet. If I have a break before the game, I'll get some game notes up.

BTW GENERAL WARNING: Look for a post tonight. I have been going through withdrawal, so it could be long winded. The opinions are over flowing and breakfast is being served.

Round Table #26 is up at the Lumber Co. and ready for reading. The questions are:

Question #1:
Based on what you’ve seen this spring (and considering their careers to date), take a guess at the timetables set for Brian Bixler, Neil Walker and Andrew McCutchen. When will they arrive as full-timers in Pittsburgh, if ever? No cop-outs: I want dates.

Question #2:
Looking back on the off-season, is there a move (or moves) that Dave Littlefield made (or didn’t make) that you think he’ll regret? Did he perform capably from October until April?
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