March 6, 2007

First Wave of Cuts and Notes


The Pirates announce their first set of cuts, actually demotions, from the MLB camp.

Yoslan Herrera
Bryan Bullington
John Van Benschoten
Brad Lincoln
Michael Tejera
Kip Bouknight

Steve Lerud
David Parrish

Slide Notes:
  • Lincoln has resumed a throwing program as of Sunday.
  • Serguey Linares finally has arrived in camp after 2 weeks of visa issues.
  • Bay will play, as a DH, against Minnesota.
  • McCutchen, Walker and Bixler are going to get a longer look in ST.
  • 75% of Eldred's hits this spring are home runs and he is battin .500.
My Notes:

I am still out of town and can only post sporadically. I will do my best to do some creative stuff over the next couple days including some excepts from an interview by Doug Strange on XM MLB Live with Ronny "Night Train" Lane.
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