March 11, 2007

Eldred Successfully Lumbers in Right

Eldred Successfully Lumbers in Right, yes, you read it right. Brad Eldred made his first start in right field for the Pirates. If he felt uncomfortable in the field, it did not show at the plate. Eldred went 3 for 4 at the plate with 2 doubles.

From reports, he made a fine running catch in the right center field gap. His only opportunity of the day to show his leather.

Some people are fearing Eldred in the outfield, they feel he is a lumbering oaf. He is much more athletic than some are giving him credit for. Eldred has been know to swipe a base in the minors, he is 28 of 34 in the category during his minor league career.

Eldred should see 150-200 at bats playing first this year, provided he heads north with the team. IF he can also get a 150-200 at bats in right it would be a huge boost for this offense. IF he can handle the outfield and get more than 200 at bats, this offense could be a lot of fun to watch this year.

A lineup that has Bay-LaRoche-Eldred in the middle could be very formidable. Eldred would bring more to this team than Nady in right. I really like Xavier, but Eldred is worth the price of admission. If Duffy fails, maybe Bay slides over to center and Nady mans left?

Slide Note:
Has anyone noticed the power Paulino is starting to show?

Trivial Answer:
Freddy Sanchez (6/29/06) is the only current Pirate to hit a walk off homerun at PNC.
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