March 7, 2007

All Time Gold Glove

Looking at the ballot, available at, there are two Pirates on the ballot. Roberto Clemente and Bill Mazeroski are no surprises to any fan of baseball. But I am shocked at some players who made the final ballot and some left off:

  • J.T. Snow, 1B - He was good defensively, but an all time great?
  • Eric Chavez, 3B - Once again a good player, but being named with Brooks Robinson and Mike Schmidt is a bit premature.
  • Short Stop, SS - How can they have Jeter listed but no A-Rod? Ozzie is the man here, but still...
  • Outfield, OF - Devon White is listed and no Cobra?

These are my first impressions of the list. Rawlings has almost turned this into a sham of a promotion. If Jeter wins over Ozzie, I call foul!

Leave your thoughts in the comments section, I am interested in seeing what other oversights are glaring.
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