February 23, 2007

Random Midnight Thoughts and Links - 02/22/07

The Post Gazette has a couple articles up. The first is an article on Nady being out of the hospital. The second covers the likelihood of Matos making the team.

The second article had some notes at the bottom, I am getting to a point hold on, covering Dan Kolb having no discomfort, Sharpless proving he can field, and Castillo playing more 3B.

Yesterday Dejan also reported Castillo takes grounders at third.

Bucco Blog also ran a piece on where Castillo should play, esentially he dismisses the notion of Castillo moving from second.

Tracy has said not to read anything into Castillo playing third. WHYGAVS's Pat admits to reading too much into everything, especially Castillo at third.

Well, I find it odd most people are overlooking Bautista is playing third with the "A" Team. The whole idea that Castillo is playing third appears to me to say he will be the super-sub this year.

Think it over, Castillo spent the winter playing the outfield, he is well versed at playing second over the last few years and now he is dusting off his third base skills.

I would expect to see Castillo take some grounders at short sometime in the next week or so. If that happens, mark it down, Castillo is the super-sub for 2007.

At least that is what it adds up to in my head.

The Tribune-Review also runs a article on Nady being released from the hospital.

The Trib also has an article on the friendship of Snell and Chacon. The most disturbing quote of the article comes from Chacon, "And he's got a lot of things I saw in myself when I was younger.", referring to Snell. Does this mean we can start calling Snell BP Jr.? I hope not.

Around the cage lets us know Torres wants no entrance music and Mazeroski finally gets a glove.


Kuwata is making his mark on the team and camp. Kuwatamania is alive and well. Maybe there is a possibility the Pirates may add Kuwata to the coaching staff as a bullpen coach or something. He seems to have bonded well with the staff and the players. Just idle speculation, but it is a thought.
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