February 2, 2007

Random Madness

Just some random thoughts:

Even if Bautista wins the starting infielder job, Castillo can not be traded. A backup infielder is still needed and Castillo can cover all the positions but 1B.

IF Gerut can make the roster and regain his form, some interesting lineups could follow.

What is the craziest lineup we might see this season? (My guess follows)

Would it be a terrible idea to have the following order?
Bautista, 3B
Sanchez, 2B
Bay, CF
LaRoche, 1B
Nady, LF
Gerut/Doumit, RF
Paulino, C
Wilson, SS
The above lineup might be the most powerful lineup the Pirates could field. It would be lacking on defense, but the offense may make up for the difference.

The starting rotation is as deep as it has been in recent memory.

It will be interesting to see which Armas and Chacon show up in Spring Training.

What happens if Herrera or Kuwata show they are ready for the Majors?

Is it just me or does this Super Bowl lack in pregame hype? No trash talk and no arrests. Come on teams, step it up a bit.

Will the Pens ever agree to a stadium deal that keeps them in Pittsburgh? The rumors on this are flying faster than the LaRoche rumors did.

This Penguins team could be something special for years to come, too bad there are no national broadcasts. Oh? What? Vs? What the @#$% is that?

When is the NHL All Star Game? Oh? What? Vs? What the @#$% is that?
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