February 9, 2007

Pirates Charities

Both the Post-Gazette and Tribune-Review are running articles on the opening of the Pirates Community Baseball Center in the Boys & Girls Club of Shadyside/East Liberty. I applaud the Pirates organization, Boys & Girls Club of Western Pennsylvania, the Baseball Tomorrow Fund and the Roberto Clemente Foundation on their contibutions to this establishment.

The CBC is a year round baseball and softball facility.

BTW Take:
After reading the articles, it still amazes me the lack of emotion that emanates from Bob Nutting. Dave Littlefield and Kevin McClatchy seem to have genuinely enjoyed the environment, festivities and the kids in attendance.

Littlefield, at one point, associates himself as a child with the Boys and Girls Club.

Kevin McClatchy sounded as if he wanted to come back every day.

Bob Nutting, well, not so much so. Bob sounded like the guy who wants a receipt, for tax purposes, from the hobo asking for money to get some coffee and a sandwich at the local train depot.

The more I hear comments from Nutting, the more I wish he would go back to seclusion. His comments read robotic. An example from the PG article:
"It's fantastic to be out on this kind of project," Nutting said. "This is something the community should be proud of, that Pirates Charities should be proud of. I'm glad to be here."

This sounds as if it should be followed by a "Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!" I have come to think of these types of comments as being Bobotic. Bob sounds out of place here. I would bet this is his first visit to a Boys and Girls Club.

At any rate, this is a great place for kids and it is a very worthy cause. I wish they had this kind of setup when I was a kid. Well done to all involved.

If you would like to donate, or find out more on Boys and Girls Clubs of America, visit www.bgca.org. Donations can be made here.
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