February 23, 2007

Outside the Headlines

Odd Story 1:

Bud Selig is interested in "boosting" player "performance" by keeping moisture off their heads?

On the moisture-managing "performance" materials used in sports apparel:
"We started to think, 'How can those developments be applied to our headwear?'" said John DeWaal, vice president of brand communications at New Era Cap Co., the Buffalo-based manufacturer that holds the cap contract.
In another quote:
"We're proud to enact the commissioner's initiatives to bring performance to the field in a major way and really to make our players more comfortable," he said. "It's all about the performance initiative and this is the first major step in a lot of things that are going to be seen throughout the season which are really going to revolutionize our field."
I am anxious to see the next major step. Will it be an adjustible hat? I have been waiting for one of those for years now.

Are the little red waves on the side of the ST hats one of the breakthroughs?

Odd Story 2:

Yes Virginia, it is true. a goalie actually had enough time to drop trou, moon the crowd and do the "Happy Gilmore Dance" during a stop in play.

A few questions...

How many minutes did he get in the penalty box?

Wouldn't it be priceless to see the ref doing the hand signals for this penalty?
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