February 13, 2007

No National TV for Bucs

It is easy to miss, especially if you dislike Smizik, that the Pirates will not be a feature on the Game of the Week on FOX. (Scroll down)

For the first time since 1989 there will be a MLB Game of the Week on national TV, due to regional games the number of games broadcast is 72.

Is it really hard to believe the Pirates are one of eight teams not to be on the game of the week? Any guesses on the other seven teams, two being a given with the initials KC and TB.

Smizik also reports on radio programs being on the road in Florida and New York, for the Big East Tourney.

BTW Take:
It really does not surprise me that the Pirates are being shut out. What does surprise me is there are seven other teams joining the Pirates in the shutout. The schedule is subject to change, so IF the Pirates luck into contention and maybe the Cubs tank...
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