February 18, 2007

Nightly Links - Romulo!

Forget all else, Romulo is in the building. The shame of the links, he doesn't even headline a Sunday article.

The Post Gazette Pirates Notebook covers Walkers first day as a third baseman. He worked out with Eldred taking grounders.

Bullington took the mound and felt great.

Kuwatamania took the mound and lived up to expectations.

ROMULO! reports and an update on the two remaining visa issues. Armas should be in camp Monday.

Brad Lincoln thinks (hopes) the pain is tendinitis.

The Spring Training Report covers Paulino.

Rob Biertempfel from the Tribune Review does a nice article on the Winter Leagues.

The Tribunes version of the Notebook covers Lincolns elbow, ROMULO! and new MLB rules.

Plenty more notes in the Trib via their prediction Kuwatamania is dying down. The notes include Bullington attempting to kill media director Jim Trdinich.

BTW Take:
Nothing really to comment on from todays articles. At least nothing that hasn't been touched on in my previous post on Walker and the catching situation.
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