February 6, 2007

Nightly Links and a Highly Recommended Article

Both the Post Gazette and the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review are running articles on pitcher Serguey Linares and his 98 MPH heater.

The Stat Geek returns to defend Tony Armas Jr. and how he actually solidifies the rotation. When you consider the improvement he makes over Perez, Wells and Chacon, I think the Stat Geek hits a homer on this one.

BTW Take:
The greatest thing about stats is you can defend any argument with them, no matter how off base your opinion may be. I can't argue Stat Geeks angle on the Armas signing, he actually makes me like the signing more.

The Post-Gazette also has a great article on "Bucky" Williams, a 100 year old former ball player who played on the Crawfords with Josh Gibson. I highly recommend this one.
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