February 19, 2007

Nightly Links - 2/19/07

The Post Gazette Spring Training Report covers the plight of Doumit and Eldred.

The PG Notebook reveals Chacon has arthritis in his knee.

Herrera impresses with off speed stuff.

It's cold in Florida.

Colborn is shuffling the pitching groups.

Duffy and Bautista reported. Sanchez, Bay and Nady were scheduled to report.

Bautista can play shortstop, not that he is pegged for the super-sub role.

BTW Take:
Eldred will be traded at some point this year, as long as LaRoche stays healthy and doesn't bomb. Doumit will play the roll of Craig Wilson.

Chacon has arthritis, don't count on more that 20 starts from him this year, even if he wins a spot in the rotation.

No word on Hererra lighting up the radar gun? I am pleased he has good control, but what about his velocity? The way it is phrased worries me.

Poor Florida, feels like 30.

Snell didn't throw yesterday. Everyone panic. Wait. He is scheduled to throw today.

It is good to see Bautista and Duffy reporting early since they need to produce this year. Gives me hope they are both serious about making the most of their opportunities. I like seeing the bigger named guys showing up early too.

Bautista has already lost the competition, unless he turns Babe Ruth in ST, he is the super sub in 2007.

On to the Trib...

The Tribune review has three articles running today. They are all abreviated and almost seem to be in mid writing when they were posted.

Pirates brace for increased salaries

Around the cage with the Pirates

Gerut sits out another practice session

BTW Take:
Recently the Trib has been running short stories (3-4 paragraphs) and bullet notes disguised as articles. I won't be spending much time commenting on these.
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