February 16, 2007

Morning Links with Tracy Playing Weatherman.

The post Gazette is running two articles today, a Pirates Notebook and a Spring Training Report.

The Notebook covers Castillo's weight and the expectation he will be reporting lighter and in better shape. The article also touches on his winter performance.

In the notes section:
* Single game tickets go on sale March 3rd.
* Pitchers Tony Armas Jr., Romulo Sanchez and Serguey Linares are delayed by work visa issues.
* 2 1/2 hour workout today.
* No injuries
* Jim Tracy is excited.

The Spring Training Report covers Burnett, Van Benschoten and Bullington being cleared to pitch.

From the Tribune-Review we get two articles also. One features Jim Tracy taking a stab at meteorology talking about the cold weather in Central Florida this week. You know, the tough 50-60 degree temperatures. Tracy points out it is "cold in Chicago in April." Luckily home games are played in Tropical Pittsburgh. Break out the sun screen boys!

The second article covers Kuwatamania. The more I read on Kuwata, the more I hope he realizes his dream of pitching in the majors. For his sake, and for his legacy in Japan, I hope it isn't a courtesy inning or start that would be an embarrassment for Kuwata and the Pirates. At least the Pirates are use to being an embarrassment.

OK...it is spring...hope springs eternal. I must be positive for at least a month.

Perrotto chimes in from the Beaver County Times on 14 years forgotten. This is his first article on the Pirates in two weeks, he must have forgotten which team he is reporting on.
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