March 1, 2007

Midnight Links - March 1

Yoslan Herrera is the focus of todays Spring Training Report in the Post-Gazette. It is an odd article that builds up Herrera while tearing him down in the same sentence. While he threw 21 of 32 pitches for strikes against Manatee, it is pointed out he missed the strike zone with 11 pitches.

I get the feeling Dejan is trying to dispel some of the build up that has come in recent articles proclaiming how unhittable Herrrera's stuff can be. I think Herrera starts in the Minors, likely Altoona, to start with and will be in Pittsburgh sometime this season before call-ups.

Pirates Notebook leads off with Duke being the starter today against the Reds and defending the though he was snake bit last season. Basically saying, yes he was hit, but he was not hit hard. Other pitchers scheduled to appear today are: Tom Gorzelanny, Salomon Torres, Kevin Gryboski and Matt Capps

Nady should be back in camp today after a colonoscopy. For anyone who has had this done to you, I am sure certain body parts are puckering at the thought. The rumor going about is it is not Chrohn's Disease but an intestinal infection possibly caused by a virus...or the cook needs fired.

There are some game highlights, but they have been reported ad nausea by every Pirates source dying to post on game results.

Kuwata had a bad session pitching to live hitters. He and Colborn had a meeting on the mound when the session was done. Some are reporting Colborn may have seen something in Kuwata's delivery that is correctable, similar to the change made in Chacon's delivery last year. Hopefully some gas will reappear to the soft now tossing Kuwata's repetoir.

Bobble head maniacs rejoice! Altoona has bobble head giveaways scheduled for Walker (April 21) and Mccutchen (May 18th).

An article is also available on Neil Walkers brother-in-law. Maybe by the end of spring training we can refer to Walker as "the third baseman brother-in-law of Don Kelly"? Ok, maybe not, but apparently the kid has some speed...22 Triples in 5 minor league seasons is promising. He walks more than he strikes out, has a nice OBP and can steal a bag. In a couple of stints in AAA Toledo in 2005 and 2006, Kelly has struggled with his batting average.

BTW Take:
PLAY Ball!!! Real MLB games start today. Who cares if it is only Spring Training, they keep stats and a score!

Rumor Recall:

The Jones for Penny trade rumor reported a couple weeks ago is now dead. Apparently Chicago has decided Jones will fit into their lineup for the foreseeable future better than Penny will fit their rotation. There are some rumors Penny is not completely healthy this spring, so he should fit perfectly in the Cubs rotation.
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